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Author Topic: If you could trade faces with any celebrity, whose face would you like to have?  (Read 107906 times)


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I'd love to have Camilla Belle's face. I just love her classic beauty.

How about you sisters? ;)
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  • i love my lil stinker
Ashley Judd parang di sya tumatanda e
Hate to see someone alive because you can't afford a killer! :P
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Winona Ryder when she was younger..or Liv Tyler.  :)


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Monica Bellucci...or pwede din si Angelina  ;D
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 For me It would have to be < -------Kim Kardashian (my avatar)  kasi cute ng face niya,pretty and  exotic beauty  or Marissa Tomei she still looks young, pretty and she's 40+ na.
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kate beckinsale ;D i just love her! ;D
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song hye kyo.. pinakaganda sya for me..
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Audrey Hepburn
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Rachel Leigh Cook or Song Hye Kyo  ;D
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Miranda Kerr


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local: Georgina Wilson, Cheska Garcia

international: Rachael Leigh Cook, Alicia Silverstone

 ;D talagang type ko ang mga mestiza & baby-face
BEAUTY - in projection & perceiving - is 99% ATTITUDE.


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Natalie Portman

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  • the doctor is in the house!!!
charlize theron
SmiLe! :) XOXO


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local: shaina magdayao

foreign: michelle rodriguez
"You can't control your circumstances, but you can control how you choose to view and respond to them".


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isabelli fontana: pati body i-ttrade ko na.  ;D

claudia schiffer

adrianna lima
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We're bound to repeat it
It's not too late
to start today,
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than sorry


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  • love the summer day :)
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foreign: jennifer garner or taylor cole

local: marian rivera


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kristin kreuk or song hye kyo


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local: anne curtis, angelica panganiban, heart evangelista

foreign: kim kardashian, adriana lima, megan fox, angelina jolie, keeley hazel
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local: KC CONCEPCION, and Kristine Hermosa - elegant and stunning with or without make-up.

foreign: Drew and Julia roberts... di nakakasawa ang beauty


charm is deceptive but beauty is fleeting but the woman who fears the lord is to be praised.


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jordana brewster, sophia bush

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Lucas: I kiss you twice (OTH)

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