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Marianne Salazar, Contributor
February 19, 2013

Nine Ingredients Every Household Should Always Have in the Kitchen

Chef Josh Boutwood, the Bistro Group's corporate chef, shares the essential food items you should always stock up on. By Marianne Salazar

There are several ingredients most households would consider “essentials.” Oil, for one, is considered a necessity by most homemakers. Rice is likewise a staple in most Filipino homes. But if you were to trim down the hundreds of items in your pantry to the very basics, what are the ingredients you would prefer to remain in your cooking arsenal?

We were able to chat with Chef Josh Boutwood, the Corporate Chef of The Bistro Group of restaurants, during the launch of Bistro Group’s Taste the Love campaign, and he told us about his top ingredient must-haves. Scroll through the gallery to see his picks, and make sure to include them in your list the next time you hit the grocery!

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