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tip of the day SUN 01 MAR 15
Summer heat is brutal on computers. Point a fan at your CPU or turn off your PC when not in use to keep it from overheating.
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What's the makeup product you can't live without?

What's your top kikay kit essential? FN wants to know!
Sep 12, 2012

What's the household chore you hate the most?

Do you have an aversion toward dusting shelves, sweeping the floor, or doing the laundry? Female Network wants to know!
Sep 05, 2012

What's the most heroic thing you've ever witnessed?

What are the most noble acts you've seen others do for their fellow Filipinos? FN wants to know!
Aug 22, 2012

Who is your role model?

Who is the one person you look up to? FN wants to know!
Aug 08, 2012

What are the things that make you feel old?

We've all had times when we feel like we're practically relics of a simpler past. What are those moments?
Aug 01, 2012

What's your next big-ticket purchase?

What's the one thing you're planning to splurge on in the near future? FN wants to know!
Jul 25, 2012

What are your top food cravings?

What are the dishes you always find yourself yearning for? FN wants to know!
Jul 11, 2012

What’s your biggest money problem?

What's the one thing that prevents you from keeping a healthy savings account? FN wants to know!
Jul 04, 2012

Mid-Year Check: Which New Year's resolutions have you kept so far?

We may be halfway through 2012, but it's not too late to keep your New Year's resolutions!
Jun 27, 2012

What are your rainy day songs?

FN wants to know what's on your rainy day playlist.
Jun 20, 2012
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