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Stephanie Castillo, Contributor
January 24, 2011

Real Style: Over 30 Bazaaristas in Everyday Outfits

Cool casuals at the Rockwell SuperSale Bazaar. By Stephanie Castillo
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There’s nothing like a big bazaar to look forward to at the end of a stressful week—not to mention the easy, breezy weekend wear that these affairs entail. Just last week, Rockwell held its SuperSale Bazaar—and ladies from all over the city came flocking for a good find (or two).

FN sent style photographer Sandro Paredes to the event in hopes of catching a few cool outfits on camera. The result? A trendy dose of casual dressing, peppered with quirky accessories and a handful of fabulous shoes. Relaxed-with-a-twist seemed to be the prevailing dress code—and as far as shopaholic style goes, we're liking it!

Browse through the photos below for over 30 girls in cool casuals.

(Photos by Sandro Paredes, taken at the Rockwell SuperSale Bazaar.)

For more real style, check out these galleries:
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  • JOANNA REYES Jan 24 2011 @ 02:01pm Report Abuse
    WOOHOO!!I soooo like Tina Braganza's top from Undernourished Manila! (Sayang,tapos na ba yung bazaar na to?..)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • roxy Jan 24 2011 @ 02:42pm Report Abuse
    Nina Estacio rocks!!! i totally loooooove her outfit! i wish i had her shoes!!!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • classydame Jan 25 2011 @ 06:42pm Report Abuse
    very nice.meron pa ba next weekend???
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Riche Jan 27 2011 @ 12:14am Report Abuse
    OMG! I love her dress and her shoes! The clutch bag totally matches her outfit! Very sophisticated and classy! Love her style
    Last modified A long time ago
  • black hatter Jan 29 2011 @ 10:12am Report Abuse
    On Nina Estacio's photo: Bakit may dyaryo sa sahig? Ang pangit naman tingnan. The photographer should pay more attention to such details.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • kikayako Jan 30 2011 @ 12:56pm Report Abuse
    Abby Jocson is fabulous from head to toe!!! ;-)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • lyka_abby Jan 31 2011 @ 04:49pm Report Abuse
    i saw this outfit worn by angelica panganiban in showtime today..nice one..
    Last modified A long time ago
  • luckyfernz Feb 01 2011 @ 10:21am Report Abuse
    i love Tina Braganza's outfit from head to toe.. Cool na Rock!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • cathy yap Feb 21 2011 @ 10:59am Report Abuse
    sue ong's outfit is a no-no.. sorry for the comment but really.. it doesn't look really good. grey cardigan-red overall-grey shoes. it's a no-no. i'm a fashion stylist.i can help you :)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • guia Apr 29 2011 @ 07:08pm Report Abuse
    i know! sue ong's get up doesnt really match.. plus, is this person gay??? i always see her at rockwell her boobs,nose,cheeks and lips looks really fake but she's got good skin though and oh a vintage rolex is cool also
    Last modified A long time ago
  • rio Apr 29 2011 @ 07:11pm Report Abuse
    naissa carmona's outfit's uber cuttteeee!! very posh! love it!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • happee May 08 2011 @ 03:27pm Report Abuse
    i know sue ong she was my schlmate in dlsu bfore naman she wasnt like that.. i mean shes got super flat boobs. pero her nose looks fake na. you'd notice her kagad coz shes super puti and super skinny shes got mascular arms also and flat butt. she likes to wear sleeveless.. i dunno if its really mascular or dhe had a lipo.and when she's driving, windows were always open hehe. syang she;s cute naman during our first year i was shocked when i saw her couple of months ago
    Last modified A long time ago
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Stephanie Castillo
Stephanie Castillo is a freelance writer and fashion stylist. Her column, Stylewise, appears on FN every Friday... Read more...
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