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tip of the day WED 30 JUL 14
Keep your brain and body active--read while on the treadmill or stationary bike. If you find it difficult, listen to an audiobook.
  • Good House Keeping
    The July issue is our Makeover Special! Be inspired by the weight-loss successes of The Biggest Loser’s Kayen Lazaro and Osie Nebreja, who entered the reality TV show simply wanting to lose weight but ended up gaining whole new (healthier!) lives.
    Good Housekeeping
  • Women's Health
    Jumpstart your best body today with this month’s best foods special. Women’s Health shares over 100 of the best packaged foods for women, sourced from leading supermarkets, specialty stores, and delivery services.
    Women's Health

7 Lippie and Nail Polish Combos for Every Mood

We whip up the coolest nail and lip combos to match your feelings! 
Jul 08, 2014

8 Ways to Look Flawless on a Rainy Day

Do not let the drizzle fizzle your makeup with these tried-and-tested waterproof beauty loot. 
Jul 01, 2014

How to Wear a Bold Lip for Beginners

We teach you how to flash a bright hue on your puckers like a supermodel. 
Jun 30, 2014

Which MLBB shade is perfect for you?

Smoothen your lips with the right color for you. 
Jun 20, 2014

Bridal Beauty Countdown: A Guide for Every Bride-to-Be

Because you need to look your best on one of the biggest days of your life. 
Jun 18, 2014

Fake Those High Cheekbones with the Cheek Boutique Collection

Look your absolute best with Revlon's collection of blush, bronzers and highlighters for perfect pops of color! 
Jun 05, 2014

Your Quick Guide to Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brush cheat sheet is here! 
Jun 05, 2014

Could a Spritz of Perfume Make You More Attractive?

Researchers seem to think so.  
Jun 04, 2014

6 Runway-Inspired Beauty Looks that You Can Do in Real Life

Say hello to a new you with these runway-inspired beauty suggestions. 
Jun 03, 2014

Which kikay kit essential are you?

Take this quiz to find out what your makeup products say about you. 
May 30, 2014
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