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The Best of Days Begin with Breakfast

Help your child have a great day at school by making sure he eats something in the morning.  
Sep 09, 2013

Childhood Bullying May Affect Employment, Says Study

A recent study reveals that adults who have been bullied as children may be less likely to hold long-term jobs and relationships. 
Sep 03, 2013

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits May Help Them Excel in School

Encouraging your kids to eat and sleep right may help them perform academically well. 
Aug 05, 2013

Prenatal Smoking May Cause Conduct Problems in Children

Smoking doesn’t only affect you but also the child you carry. 
Jul 30, 2013

Kids Emulate Your TV Viewing Habits, Says Study

If you want your kids to watch less television, you need to cut your boob tube hours as well. 
Jul 23, 2013

Parental Separation May Cause Children Increased Inflammation Risk during Adulthood

Children don't only suffer emotionally from their parents going their separate ways; they also suffer physically. 
Jul 20, 2013

Serving Veggies with Dips May Prompt Kids to Eat Healthier

You can make food more fun for your picky eaters. 
Jul 17, 2013

Get Kids To Eat Veggies By Explaining How Greens Help the Body Stay Healthy

Teach your children how eating vegetables may affect their health. 
Jul 04, 2013

Fun and Healthy Breakfast with Cereals!

Start the morning right with a great breakfast! 
Jun 11, 2013

Common Ailments Kids Get during Summer (Part 2)

Keep your family protected from diseases.  
Apr 26, 2013
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