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STYLEWISE by Stephanie Castillo
March 22, 2013

An App a Day: 6 Free Fashion Apps to Nab Right Now

Stylewise Fashion AppsAnother one bites the dust! If the title of this week’s column hasn’t clued you in, I very recently made the switch from my trusty old Blackberry to a brand new smartphone. And if there’s one thing I want to say about (or to) my new phone, it’s this: Where have you been all my life?

After months of penny-pinching reluctance and futile resistance, I finally took the eager plunge into the wonderful world of Android. And it only took me one short week to realize the same thing all you technically adept ladies have known for ages—that apps are the best thing in the modern world. Ever (Yes, that’s how behind I am on the times.).

I think the coolest part about my foray into apps has been discovering all the frivolous, fashion-related inventions that I could never had dreamed into existence as a style-hungry kid. It seems to me that all a girl needs to do now is think of what’s missing in her life, style-wise—what tiny, insignificant detail she wished could be addressed by some kindred sartorial spirit (say, a fasyon app creator).

STYLEWISE by Stephanie Castillo
March 15, 2013

10 Hairstyle Ideas for Any Summer Wedding

Stylewise Wedding HairLast week, I grew up a teensy-weensy bit more when that twenty-something rite of passage happened: the first couple in my college circle got hitched!

Needless to say, the ceremony was trés sweet and the open-bar reception a big hit. But no one really tells you how stressful things are going to get before the wedding—even if you’re not the one getting married.

The prep process—for us ladies, at least—goes something like this. You have to find a frock or get one tailor-made according to the dress code. You have to clue into the terrain at the venue so you can heel yourself accordingly. You have to pin down who’s going to do your makeup and which celeb you’re going to copy when you get it done (I mean, that’s what I did). Then there are manicures and pedicures and appointments for brow grooming and leg waxing and all manner of girly unmentionables.

STYLEWISE by Stephanie Castillo
March 08, 2013

Back to Bronze: 5 Fashion Choices That Flaunt Your Summer Skin

Stylewise Back to BronzeYou know it’s summer when all your girlfriends spent the last weekend scattered across various Philippine beaches in their bikinis as you languished over self-inflicted extra work. Or was that just me? All right, it was my own doing—I’m a workaholic through and through. Unfortunately, that also means I’m practically the only one left without a perfect tan to tick off my to-do list. And the way I see it, summer isn’t quite summer without a caramel complexion to match!

The changing of the meteorological guards is our cue to bring our pelts out from hibernation. This is the time to shed the layers, to shake off our inhibitions, and to flaunt our personal acreage of healthy, golden skin. I guess you could call it the blessing—and sometimes, the curse—of living in the tropics: the hot season is always right around the corner, whether you welcome it (like I do) or not.

Let’s say you do love summer—heat and all—and you happen to be one of those lucky ladies who’ve locked down their tan lines (jealous!). I’m guessing your next order of business goes something like this: what, oh, what to wear to ensure your glow doesn’t go to waste?

STYLEWISE by Stephanie Castillo
March 01, 2013

Five Swimsuit Trends to Spice Up Your Wet Wear

Stylewise Swimsuit TrendsAs I write this column, the sunshine and breeze beckon from outside my window, and I’m half-tempted to put this aside for a couple more hours and make my way to the community pool, book in hand. Alas, the call of duty is a few degrees louder than the whine of procrastination, so I’m going to find the happy medium in this situation and talk about something the awesome weather has us all thinking about: swimwear!

If you’re like me, you’ve probably gone through January and February trying to rid yourself of the extra layer of fat you acquired over Christmas (or the whole of last year). And now that beach body season draws incredibly close, I’m guessing you’re ready to get started on the quest for a fresh-to-death swimsuit. I’ve always felt that shopping for a new suit is like searching for a great dress: it’s a long, arduous, and sometimes off-putting task (you have to strip off all your clothes!), but once you’ve zeroed in on the winning piece, you feel skinnier, more confident, and dare I say, happier than ever.

STYLEWISE by Stephanie Castillo
February 22, 2013

Summer Fix: Five Ways to Prep for Sunny Style

Stylewise Summer TipsLately, the weather has been hitting us like a Katy Perry song—hot and cold (and sometimes, wet)—and it has me thinking that summer isn’t a long way off. A week or two, perhaps, is what stands between us and the brink of beach climate. And as we all know, the eternal sunshine is equated with summer dressing: colors, prints, and heat-friendly fashion!

While I am loathe to leave behind the windy wonders of February, I must admit that I’m excited to take the plunge into hot weather wear. At heart, like all Pinays, I’m a girl of summer. I love the smell of saltwater, bronze skin and bare legs, and all the brights, tribal prints, and woven bags that come with the territory. To quote Cyndi Lauper, "I want to be the one in the sun!"

So whenever I catch the first whiff of summer—you know it, too: that warm, fresh-baked, sunny smell—I’m all about getting my wardrobe in tip-top shape for the changing times.

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