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Belle Yambao, Contributor
October 13, 2010

Kim Chiu refutes rumored suicide attempt + 5 ways to check if a friend is in a depression danger zone

People speculated Kim Chiu tried to take her own life post-Gerald Anderson. Do you suspect a friend to be depressed in a similar way? Some signs to watch for. By Belle Yambao

kim_chiu.jpgIn an interview with showbiz talk show The Buzz last Sunday, popular teen actress Kim Chiu revealed that reports of her suicide attempt following a supposed break up with love team partner Gerald Anderson are false, reports. The star expressed her dismay over the rumors. “Alam mo, kalokohan and katangahan para sa akin kung gawin ko 'yon,” Kim said. “Papatayin ko sarili ko, bakit? Parang sinong mag-aalaga sa mga kapatid ko? Sinong bubuhay sa kanila? And may pinagagawa akong bahay, dream [house] ko, sinong magtatapos noon?

Kim said she felt sorry for her partner Gerald who gained haters after the rumors surfaced. “[Ayokong] isipin na masama siyang tao kasi hindi talaga,” she said. “Lahat ng mga haters niya parang ako ang nasasaktan para sa kanya.” Both stars have repeatedly denied ever being in a romantic relationship although they admit their close friendship.

As for her well-being, Kim had this to say, “Ito sasabihin ko, lahat ng tao dumadaan sa proseso ng buhay. Nasa taas, nasa ibabaw, malungkot, masaya pero dahan dahan nagiging okay naman ang lahat. Katulad ko masaya naman ako ngayon.

Although Kim has dispelled the rumors, the issue of suicide itself is an important one. It may not be immediately noticeable, but someone close to you may be suffering from depression - one of the leading factors that contribute to suicide, eMedicine reports. Is your friend suffering from the effects of a bad breakup? Is she sad or could it be something deeper? Read on to find out about the warning signs.


According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), depressed individuals are often trapped in the emotion for most of the day. If your friend is usually all sunshine and smiles—the type who gushes about her favorite drama characters complete with hand gestures—you’ll know something is definitely wrong when she does a 180 and becomes withdrawn and moody.


Does your friend’s life revolve around her favorite sport or hobby? If she’s depressed, she might give it up or simply declare she doesn’t care about it anymore even when it used to make her happy. She might also succumb to feelings of boredom because of fatigue or lack of energy.


According to, depressed individuals often talk about feeling of worthlessness or unjustified guilt. In conversation, she may find herself reminiscing about past mistakes, constantly wondering what she could have done to change the outcome. It can reach a point of obsession that she even starts blaming herself for current problems even when she isn’t at fault.


It may start out as a simple lack of appetite but it can progress to sudden weight loss or even result in an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia especially in teens, says the APA. This often brings accompanying physical symptoms like aches and pains in various parts of the body.


Although you may find it silly, try not to ignore a friends who talks about harm upon herself or says that she wants to die. This is an obvious and important sign of depression, notes, especially if it becomes more frequent over time. If you are unsure of whether or not your friend is suicidal, suggests asking her to tell you all about it. Be wary but don’t be afraid to be straightforward. MayoClinic says suicidal individuals will not harm themselves because of it—in fact, it may even help them.  

The best way to help your friends is to help them help themselves. If you recognize these signs in yourself, your friends, or your family members, urge them to talk to a counselor or doctor who will be able help them seek professional help.


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