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June 14, 2012

Iwa Moto Challenges Jodi Sta. Maria to Sue Her for Libel

Iwa is currently dating Jodi's estranged husband, Pampi Lacson. She claims Jodi cheated on Pampi with her ex-boyfriend.
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In an interview with talk show host Cristy Fermin on Cristy Fer Minute, Iwa Moto challenged actress Jodi Sta. Maria to sue her for libel, reports. She claimed that Jodi allegedly had an affair with Iwa's ex-boyfriend, Mickey Ablan, two years ago. This was while Jodi was still with her estranged husband, Pampi Lacson. Iwa and Pampi are currently romantically involved.

"Kaya siguro hindi siya nagsasalita kasi alam niyang totoo ang sinasabi ko (Perhaps she's not talking because she knows what I'm saying is true)," Iwa is quoted as saying. "Kasi kung nagsisinungaling ako ay pwede niya akong i-demanda ng libel. Pero malakas po ang loob ko dahil alam ko sa aming dalawa kung sino ang nagsisinungaling at sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo. (Because if I were lying, she can just sue me for libel. But I'm confident about this because I know who's lying and who's telling the truth between the two of us.)"

Iwa said she had evidence of the affair and that Jodi was most likely keeping quiet so that she would not reveal it. "Kasi naniniwala pa din po siya na inosente siya. Hindi porke't mukhang inosente ay inosente na siya. (Because she also believes that she's innocent. Even if she looks innocent, it doesn't mean she is.)"

The actress reiterated that she didn't cause Jodi and Pampi's breakup. She confessed that she met Pampi two years ago to tell him about Jodi's alleged affair.

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  • elay252000 Jun 14 2012 @ 01:42pm Report Abuse
    Grabeng babae ito.Gusto sumikat at publicity gamitin pa si Jodi. Stop it kasi di ka sisikat unlike Jodi, a popular and good actress, totoo man o hindi sinasabi mo about her, mas credible pa rin sya kesa sa yo.Manahimik ka baka sumikat ka pa!
  • baresexy Jun 14 2012 @ 03:19pm Report Abuse
    yah gusto lang nyan ng publicity, kaya lalo sya naiinis kasi hindi sya pinapansin ni jodi! hehehe
  • pauboni Jun 14 2012 @ 03:32pm Report Abuse
    Move on Iwa para kang asong kahol ng kahol 2 years na pala ang nakakalipas masaya na kayong lahat meron ng jana si mickey ablan may pampi kana din so ano pang kinaka bitter mo kay Jodi. Ikaw nga masyado kang pumapapel kay Thirdy eh feel na feel mo na ikaw nanay nyang bata nakaka awa ka Iwa you are also claiming na you are way better than Jodi saan banda ka naka lamang sa sa kanya sa Kama???
  • sinongmaysala Jun 14 2012 @ 09:22pm Report Abuse
    Ang lakas ng tahol mo gurrlll! halatang walang breeding, sana sa akin nalang ang mukha mo, sinasayang mo eh! hehehe!
  • MrsKolca Jun 17 2012 @ 03:15am Report Abuse
    Whoa! So totoo ang mga BI!! :)
  • promo printing Jun 17 2012 @ 12:12pm Report Abuse
    Thanks for posting this article. I am definitely tired of struggling to find relevant and intelligent commentary on this subject
  • JRblogger Sep 17 2012 @ 06:24am Report Abuse
    Di sya ka-level ni Jodi. Wife vs the other woman tuloy ang dating. The educated wife vs. well mayo nalang ang magtapos ng sentence...
  • Thia Chris 8 months ago Report Abuse
    Hmmp... Iwa inferiority complex yan!!!
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