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August 12, 2010

"Grown Ups" Stars Adam Sandler and Salma Hayek Kid around in Cancun

Two comedic greats talk about working together, their latest film (out yesterday), and family.
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100812_pinay_in_hollywood_grown_ups_adam_sandler_salma_hayek_david_spade.jpgWe were in Cancun, Mexico recently to interview comedian Adam Sandler and the sexy Salma Hayek of the buddy-comedy Grown Ups.

The comedy film, which is directed by Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore), also stars David Spade, Chris Rock, and Filipino-American comedian Rob Schneider.

Adam, always the goofball, teased Salma (who gamely bantered back) a lot during their joint interview. Here are excerpts of our interview with them.

Salma, how did you feel making this kind of comedy?

Salma (S): It was amazing! I was eager to work with these guys. At the beginning, I felt really stupid because, like, you go to the set and you’re working with the best comedians in the United States and all of them are really good actors for comedy. They are not just brilliant comedic talents who can deliver the lines, but they make them up as well. They write them in their heads as they’re working, and these guys are back there like machine guns.

The first challenge was when do you speak because they are not doing what’s in the script. They are just saying one joke after another. But you have a line too so you don’t know when the hell they are going to shut up so you can say your speaking lines. You really had to be on your toes.

100812_pinay_in_hollywood_grown_ups_adam_sandler_janet_nepales.jpgAdam (A): But Salma would improvise great stuff too, and we would all laugh. Then we’d do it again this time in Ingles. (Laughter)

Adam, how did you get them (the cast) all together?

A: I gave them advance notice. I had the idea like the year before we shot it, called them all up and said we’ve got this idea for a movie for all of us to hang out and try to be funny together about old friends. I told them I want to probably shoot it next summer. So everyone kept it open for me. They were nice. Then we wrote the script pretty quick, handed it all out, everybody memorized his or her lines and then—

Then they threw them away.

A: Yes, we threw them away and said let me say this instead, and I said, “Right!”

Salma, you have become a mom recently. Are you a strict or permissive mother?
S: I am permissive until there’s a limit and then really strict.

A: She’s a very loving mom, Salma, with her daughter Valentina all the time. She just spends a lot of time with her. When we’d be shooting, if you really watch closely, you’ll see Valentina is under Salma’s shirt a lot. (Laughter)

S: I would be jealous of these guys because I would spend time with their wives and child. But then, I’d have to go to work and I would take my child with me and the wives were doing all these things with their kids. I realized I needed a wife. (Laughter) I want someone to do all those things while I’m working. I have to take Valentina home in between takes.

A: Can I be your wife? (Laughter)

Adam, if you took away all the comedic elements of this movie, there’s an incredibly bittersweet story about parents trying to connect with children who seem to become disenfranchised from what’s happening in the world today.

So I was wondering, as a parent yourself, and Salma too, can you address that part of the movie, about what it says about this young generation, which seems so into video games and has kind of lost that sense to just touch base with what’s really happening to and around them?

A: I think the young generation is doing pretty damn well. It’s up to the parent. I actually think when my kid is watching Scooby Doo, it’s a history lesson. (Laughter) I am like, all right, this is good for my child.

S: I think that it’s really, really important to teach children to connect with nature and to respect it. I think it is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to children to learn how to love nature and be comfortable in it.

I think we just got to stay inside and do more and more video games and get fat. Me and Salma always differ on that. (Laughter)

Grown Ups is now showing at a theater near you. Click here to learn about screen times and theater details.

E-mail the writer at jrnepales_624@yahoo.com for your comments or questions.

(Photos by Ruben Nepales and PRPP)
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  • Burstingbubbles Aug 20 2010 @ 08:57pm Report Abuse
    I love the film, funny, light and so family-oriented..and did I mentioned funny?..
    Last modified A long time ago
  • ylisza Aug 20 2010 @ 10:28pm Report Abuse
    i love these guys.. when they collaborate together to work on a certain project, expect that it'll be an all-LOL thingy.. i'm so damn proud of Rob Schneider.. such a great Filipino talent.. him directing a film with Adam? i'm a be gased up, wait for my fart! hahahaha!
    Last modified A long time ago
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