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August 24, 2011

Entertainment Writer Scolds Carla Abellana: Who's in the right?

Columnist Mario Bautista's outburst occurred after Carla sent him an e-mail for allegedly misquoting her in an article. Whose party do you side with? Take our poll!
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carla_abellana_poll.jpgActress Carla Abellana got a lecture from entertainment columnist Mario Bautista at the press conference for her upcoming Regal Films movie, My Neighbor's Wife, PEP.ph reports. Instead of asking her about the film, the writer reacted harshly to an e-mail he received from Carla pertaining to an article he wrote, called "Geoff Won't Watch Carla's Daring Movie," for his People's Journal column.

Carla had previously alerted her Twitter fans about the article saying, "Not a single word Mario Bautista (the writer) supposedly 'quoted' from me is true. Don't worry, I have called his attention and messaged him. Hopefully he corrects this mistake or at least acknowledge[sic] it. I just think this is unfair for me because I am the subject of his article, and unfair for all of you because you are all receiving the wrong news and information."

"For him to use such words as '... biggest challenge here for me is Lovi Poe...' and '... I feel obligated na pantayan yung ginagawa niya...' are words that never even crossed my mind, all the more come out of my mouth. Fourth, the supposed quotation in the last line of his first paragraph says, 'Ganu'n din si Jake Cuenca, mahusay in doing bed scenes.' How can I possibly say that when Jake and I haven't even done a love scene?"

At the press conference, Mario said Carla was ungrateful and criticized her for never saying thank you when he had previously written good things about her. "Ang ibig kong sabihin, pagka may mga naisusulat na magaganda sa iyo, wala kang reaksyon (What I'm saying is when people write good things about you, you don't react)," he is quoted as saying. "Meron lang akong naisulat na binase ko lang sa press release ng Regal, sinulatan mo agad ako. (I only wrote something based on a Regal press release, and you already sent me an e-mail.)"

Carla explained that she only reacted because he quoted her despite not having interviewed her. "I guess I will just finish this by apologizing kung kayo po ay na-offend," she said. "In a way, ako din po, I was just reacting because na-misquote po ako. So I hope you will understand me, coming from my end po kung bakit po ako nagre-react."

She added, "Sorry if you feel that I am not thankful. I am po. Very much thankful for all your support. All the good articles that you have written about me."

But in reply, Mario said that in her e-mail, Carla threatened him and demanded that he make an erratum and retraction of his column. When Carla denied this, he said, "Basahin mo nga yung e-mail mo! (Read your e-mail!)" Jun Nardo, Regal Films's publicist, also chimed in, "Nakita ko nga yung e-mail, may threat nga doon. (I saw the e-mail, and there were definitely threats in it.)"

Entertainment columnist Jojo Gabinete, the blogger for PEP.ph's "Cabinet Files," posted the contents of Carla's e-mail in an entry. After listing the erroneous points in Mario Bautista's article and asking him to double-check information in the future, Carla allegedly wrote, "Thank you very much and I can only hope that you publish an erratum article following this. If not, I can always clarify this to other press members during our succeeding press cons for My Neighbor’s Wife.”

Watch the confrontation in this video from PEP.ph:

Female Network wants to know what you think. Did Carla Abellana do the right thing by e-mailing the columnist? Should Mario Bautista have reacted to it at the press conference? Take the poll!

(Photo courtesy of PEP.ph)

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Poll Question:
Entertainment Writer Scolds Carla Abellana: Who's in the right?
  1. Carla Abellana. How dare the columnist call her ungrateful just for trying to correct factual errors? Just because you've written something good about a celebrity before, it doesn't mean he or she is required to throw roses at your feet!
  2. Carla Abellana. She was only defending herself. Her e-mail was properly worded, and I don't see any threats in it. If the columnist had a problem with her, he should have brought it up in a civil manner after the press conference.
  3. Mario Bautista. He said he was only using a press release for his article, so Carla should be blaming Regal instead. She should have checked as well before writing her e-mail.
  4. Mario Bautista. The fact that she singled him out and announced his "errors" on Twitter just makes me wonder why she's working so hard to disprove what the writer said. I don't see anything wrong with what he wrote.
  5. No one. I think both sides overreacted, and this should not have been a big deal in the first place.
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  • Ogie Aug 25 2011 @ 05:45pm Report Abuse
    Ang Bastos ng writer Ako pa niyan Pinang babato ko na yan

    Ano ba yang manager ni Carla at si mother lily Wala bang ginawa para ipangtangol si Carla

    Ginagamit ang Prescon para makaganti or ilabas ang galit sa artesta walang respito

    Next time di dPat yan invite pasalamat siya di Ako producer ng movie kataon pinadampot ko na siya palabas .

    Dapat ang manager ni Carla ang papalabas ng reporter na yan Bastos
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Jinessa Aug 28 2011 @ 02:17am Report Abuse
    Yah...I do believe that we all have rights to express our opinions since we are living in a democratic area.BUT! what that st*p*d columnist did is against ourlaw.if im not mistaken carla can sue that st*p*d columnist.Im not Carla's fan i just wanna say he is........you know.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • lala Sep 02 2011 @ 02:33am Report Abuse
    i am not a fan of Carla before but now after watching that vid, she proved me wrong, not just a pretty face but the way she handle such thing.. with grace under pressure. may breeding talaga!
    Last modified A long time ago
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