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Belle Yambao, Contributor
January 05, 2011

7 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Lucy Torres-Gomez

This Women's Health cover girl has a lot to share about her active life as a congresswoman, a celebrity, a mom, and a wife. By Belle Yambao
lucy-torres-gomez-wh_1.jpgLucy Torres-Gomez leads a hectic life as a TV host, a congresswoman for her district in Leyte, a mom to daughter Juliana, and a wife to actor Richard Gomez. Despite her harrowing schedule, however, this January-February cover girl for Women's Health remains a picture of elegance, thanks to her easygoing personality and positive outlook on life. “I know when I’m 85, I’ll still be dancing and doing my homemaker arts and crafts. I want to keep doing the things that make me feel alive,” she tells WH. “I always say that, if He brought me here, I’m sure He has plans for me. And that gives me a measure of peace.”

In the latest issue of Women’s Health, Lucy openly shares her thoughts on how to keep your feet on the ground and stay healthy. Read on to see what lessons you can learn from Lucy.


Embrace challenges and welcome change. You never know what the future will bring next. “When I was younger, I said to myself, ‘There are three things I’m never doing: showbiz, politics and beauty contests.’ And look at where I am now,” Lucy says. “I just thank God that I’m way past my prime for pageants.”

As a new congresswoman, Lucy says she gets her share of naysayers for being a celebrity. Instead of contradicting their comments, though, she focuses on how to improve herself. “I’m the first to admit that I don’t have the congresswoman skills to brag about. But I have every intention to perform for the district. I take my job seriously and I study. I’m faithful to the responsibility given to me and I’m committed to the work and results.”


Lucy’s personality hasn’t changed despite the challenges of politics. “I believe that everything can be achieved if you give people the respect they deserve. I wouldn’t want to be such a good rep, giving so many things to the district but making many enemies along the way. Nobody wins when there’s animosity. A term in office is not too short that you can’t establish real friendships.”


“I’m glad I got into fitness years ago because the more I engross in a fitness regimen, the more I know my body and the more I respect it,” says Lucy. She makes it a point to have a shot of wheat grass and acai berry every morning no matter how busy her schedule is. “On some Saturdays I do district visits, but when I’m free, I go to dance class,” she adds. “When I had more time for myself, I’d be at the studio daily for two to four hours, just dancing. Salsa, tango, rumba…”


Even if you're busy, keep doing what you love. Just look at Lucy, who says giving up showbiz at this point in her life wasn’t an option. “Showbiz is what’s normal to me now. It’s the life I’ve known for years and I very much enjoy hosting and dancing.”


“No job can be bigger than motherhood. No amount of success in career will compensate for failure in the home. Not just with my marriage with Richard, but my responsibilities as a mother. I don’t want to be so successful in my career but fail miserably as a mom to Juliana.”


Her daughter’s influence, even in the little things, never fails to brighten Lucy's days. She shares a pleasant memory about the water tumbler she has with her. "Lemon water" is written on it by hand. Says Lucy of the tumbler: “It’s actually just water. My daughter labeled it long ago, but I never took it off because it makes me smile.”

wh_cover_janfeb.jpgFor more on Lucy Torres-Gomez's insights and active lifestyle, grab a copy of the January-February 2011 issue of Women’s Health from bookstores or magazine stands near you.

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(Photo by Jun de Leon)
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