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April 03, 2012

7 Fitness Tips from Anne Curtis

This Women's Health's cover girl for April shares health tips for women on the go.
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Actress and TV host Anne Curtis is one of the celebrities with the most hectic schedules nowadays--especially with six days of noontime show It's Showtime as well as tapings for her upcoming teleserye on her plate--but despite this, she manages to squeeze in some workout time and keep herself fit.

In Women's Health's third anniversary issue, Anne talks about her colorful life and her dreams for the future--as well as dishes advice for aspiring fitness enthusiasts. If you need help keeping yourself on track when it comes to your health, take your cue from Anne. Check out her tips below.


Even Anne admits she skips her late-night exercise when she's had a long day. "Don't work out when you're too tired. But if you've had a late night and you still want to work out, just do something light like a 10-minute jog."


"When you have that extra hour and you know you should use it wisely, head to the gym," Anne says. Better to do that instead of distracting yourself with surfing the Internet or tweeting incessantly. "Set a specific time and date in a week for your workouts."


"Summer is the time when you know you have to be dedicated to reach the goal you want. Here's what I did last year: I stuck pictures of Jessica Alba on my bathroom wall! This year, it's the Victoria's Secret models. It's good to have inspiration, so you're motivated."


Working out with friends makes it less of a chore, Anne says. She got stylist Pam Quinones and makeup artist Robbie Pinera to do Plyometrics with her before, and she sometimes joins good friend Solenn Heussaff for yoga ("Although it's hard, because she gets up too early!"). "It's fun to work out with friends. You don't notice (the time) because you're chatting, and it becomes a lot easier," Anne says.


There's no other incentive that works quite as well as money does. "Pay for your trainer or for your classes well in advance so that you're motivated to go because you don't want to waste money," Anne says. "You paid for it, and sayang naman if you don't use it, di ba?"


The Power Plate is a brand of exercise platform with a vibrating base. The vibrating base is supposed to make regular exercises like squats and push-ups more challenging, which is why a workout with the Power Plate lasts only 30 minutes. "The Power Plate is a super quick workout, but it's intense," Anne says.


Anne confesses during our interview that she's supposed to be on the South Beach diet, except--"Wala eh, I'm hungry! Alam mo 'yun, I just want to eat." Anne, however, says she's happy with her current weight (which she'd rather keep to herself). "I diet when I know I have to, but at the same time, I don't deprive myself!" she says.

To learn more about Anne's favorite things and her dedication to fitness, grab a copy of Women's Health's April 2012 issue, out on stands now! You can also subscribe to the magazine's digital edition.

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Watch Female Network in the coming weeks for behind-the-scenes photos  from the cover shoot with Anne Curtis.

(Behind-the-scenes photo by Mike Dee)

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  • Shop at Apr 03 2012 @ 01:33pm Report Abuse
    Cool tips! Need to get my abs beach-ready ;P
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    Thank you, I've read a lot of your writing and help me a lot :)
  • Exercise Bike Store Apr 03 2012 @ 09:21pm Report Abuse
    Thank you, I've read a lot of your writing and help me a lot :)
  • MrsKolca Apr 05 2012 @ 10:17am Report Abuse
    Don't deprive yourself. I like that! :)
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