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February 25, 2011

5 Simple Fitness Tips from Heart Evangelista

This sweet-faced fashionista shares quick secrets for achieving a healthy bod.
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heart_pep.jpgHeart Evangelista’s star continues to shine this year as her primetime soap Dwarfina scores high in the ratings game. Apart from her flourishing acting career, Heart’s romance with model-turned-actor Daniel Matsunaga is also faring well, much to the delight of their supporters. The couple is set to visit Daniel’s home country, Brazil, this year and should her hunky boyfriend decide to propose, Heart reveals that she just might say yes.  

But while her life may be perfect now, Heart wasn’t always in such tip-top condition. She hit a career slump a few years ago, during which her health suffered, and this resulted in weight loss and falling hair. But she recovered from this downtime and worked hard to regain her health, not to mention her showbiz career.

Are you having trouble maintaining your health? Check out these five easy fitness tips from everyone’s favorite sweetheart to get you started.


Everyone has to know at least one recipe by heart. While it has to be nourishing, it's a definite plus if it's easy to prepare. In Heart’s case, she’s always been a pasta kind of girl. “I like pasta. My favorite is whole wheat noodle pasta with Spanish sardines and olives. It’s a concoction I copied from my sister.”


“I enjoy tomatoes with any kind of cheese,” Heart shares. “I snack on celery and turnips.” Despite her fondness for healthy snacks, though, Heart still indulges in the stuff she loves from time to time. “I admit, I have a weakness for Ruffles chips and chocolate. But I try to limit [these] to twice a week.”


If you love strutting in your high heels, it looks like you already have a head start when it comes to toning your body, if Heart's example is anything to go by. “I have big hips. I get it from my mom. I try to firm it up by running or doing a lot of walking,” Heart explains. “In GMA, instead of taking the elevator, I use the stairs. I’ve walked up to the 10th floor in heels. I think the only time that I’m not in heels is when I walk my dogs.”


Exercise comes in many forms, so take every opportunity to be active. “Every time I exert effort, even doing something simple like walking, I suck in my tummy. I flex it. It helps a lot.”


Don’t torture yourself with running around a track or doing bench presses if that’s not your thing. You can start your journey to fitness without doing activities you don’t enjoy. Heart dislikes going to the gym so she gets her exercise fix in another way. “I enjoy walking my dogs or getting on the treadmill at home while watching Gossip Girl.”

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(First published in Women's Health Philippines, as “A Well-Balanced Heart” by Ana Santos in May 2009; adapted for use in Female Network; photo courtesy of
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  • vangie88 Feb 25 2011 @ 07:20pm Report Abuse
    it's weird that heart was the one who gave these tips, imho, she doesn't look healthy at all, she's too thin, as they say it in tagalog "tuyot." :(
    Last modified A long time ago
  • PP2201 Mar 04 2011 @ 08:13pm Report Abuse
    No she's not thin. Her face is just too thin, but her body is tama lang. she was thin during gmik days, but now, nakalaman na siya. Her face just didn't budge. If you see her in person, it's like her head is not proportional to her body.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • shainey Apr 03 2011 @ 10:40pm Report Abuse
    don't hate heart because she's beautiful!!!! bitter!!!! we love hearty!!! go go heart.
    Last modified A long time ago
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