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Belle Yambao, Contributor
November 02, 2011

30 Female TV Show Hosts + Who do you think is the best?

These stars and media personalities also double as TV hosts. By Belle Yambao
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Celebrities don't just specialize in acting nowadays. Most of them try their hand at singing and dancing, and still others go for hosting TV shows. Some stars who began their careers as models, VJs, or actresses--and a few politicians and journalists--have also branched off and decided to specialize in hosting. These ladies are all gab queens in their own ways, whether they've done their stints in talk shows, entertainment shows, game shows, or reality TV.

With so many new and veteran TV hosts out there, we've decided to narrow our list down to some of the most active femmes in the past few years. Out of these 30 names, who do you think is the best TV host? Take our poll to let us know!

Scroll through the gallery below until you get to your TV host of choice, then click on the 'Vote' button. Remember, you will only be able to see your vote getting added to the numbers after refreshing. Voting ends on November 30!

Note: Voting percentage does not equal the number of votes. Remember that as the voting margin (difference among the number of votes per entry) between the leading TV host and the other nominees increases, the voting percentages will change. The bigger the differences in number of votes, the bigger the differences between percentages. This means that even though the number of votes for your bet is going up, the voting percentage can decrease.

(All photos courtesy of PEP.ph unless otherwise noted)

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  • princess Nov 04 2011 @ 06:18pm Report Abuse
    ate sali poh clan
  • Clarisse Santos Nov 04 2011 @ 07:02pm Report Abuse
    i think no need to vote cause i am sure that Alex and Toni Gonzaga,Ruffa Guttierez and Bianca Gonzales will have the highest votes!!!
  • angenica nieva Nov 04 2011 @ 07:07pm Report Abuse
    i love toni gonzaga so much
  • ma. glenna alejandro losloso Nov 04 2011 @ 07:12pm Report Abuse
    Toni Gonzaga deserve the seat ! :)
  • ella santos Nov 04 2011 @ 07:25pm Report Abuse
    i love the gonzaga sisters
  • RACHELLE Nov 04 2011 @ 07:26pm Report Abuse
    basta aq i will still vote for my favorite actress/host MS.CARMINA VILLAROEL...LOVE LOTS..:)
  • cez Nov 04 2011 @ 07:38pm Report Abuse
    GO TONI!!
  • erdin reyes Nov 04 2011 @ 07:40pm Report Abuse
    Kris aquino and Toni Gonzaga's the best and i super love them
  • marilyn Nov 04 2011 @ 07:41pm Report Abuse
    c nikki gil poh at c toni:
  • mylenesher Nov 04 2011 @ 07:45pm Report Abuse
    superv on hosting!
  • SASAGEGE Nov 04 2011 @ 08:02pm Report Abuse
    bat andyan si jennylyn mercado? host ba sya?hehe..
  • Lara Mitz Nov 04 2011 @ 08:30pm Report Abuse
    basta ako i love my self :D
  • Lara Mitz Nov 04 2011 @ 08:31pm Report Abuse
    basta ako i love my self :D
  • marz Nov 04 2011 @ 08:42pm Report Abuse
    ..there's no need for a vote...it is very obvious that toni gonzaga really deserve the seat...she has her unique way of hosting to capture everyone's attention....go toni....!
  • franzliciousz Nov 04 2011 @ 09:12pm Report Abuse
    Toni Gonzaga deserves it!! She have the qualities of a PERFECT HOST! Go!Go!Go! ATE CELESTINE!! WE LOVE YOU!!
  • karen santos Nov 04 2011 @ 09:13pm Report Abuse
    my female best host is toni g. obvious nman po!! hehehe
  • loisa russel de la cruz Nov 04 2011 @ 10:03pm Report Abuse
    i like jennylyn a lot..........go go go....
  • stefanz delarma Nov 04 2011 @ 10:19pm Report Abuse
    matalino c kris, lahat impromtu mg nterview thats why?. mas gus2 q sya,,hnde nya kylangan visual aid..
  • JOANNE FUENTES Nov 04 2011 @ 10:24pm Report Abuse
    kris 0fcourse
  • carlarose Nov 04 2011 @ 10:57pm Report Abuse
    Toni Gonzaga is the host of all host!! The best!
  • maue Nov 05 2011 @ 12:36am Report Abuse
    ofcourse TONI GONZAGA is the best..
  • maue Nov 05 2011 @ 12:37am Report Abuse
    ofcourse TONI GONZAGA is the best..!
  • akoitech Nov 05 2011 @ 08:42am Report Abuse
    When it comes to hosting...Toni Gonzaga is the best!! Basta malaman ng iba na nominado siya sa best tv host etc.. matakot sila! :))
  • ebernoulli Nov 05 2011 @ 09:23am Report Abuse
    Great host for us. We love you KC!!
  • rejean Nov 05 2011 @ 09:27am Report Abuse
    toni g. the best host ever
    vote who deserved the best
    GO GO GO toni gonzaga 'soon to be celestine cruz gonzaga-soriano
  • rejean Nov 05 2011 @ 09:29am Report Abuse
    toni g.the best host ever...vote TONI G. ..soon to be CELESTINE CRUZ GONZAGA-SORIANO
  • rejean Nov 05 2011 @ 09:38am Report Abuse
    i love you toni g.
  • Priscilla V. Bautista Nov 05 2011 @ 09:47am Report Abuse
    No. 1 pa rin si KC Concepcion, sa ganda, voice, hosting, sa kabaitan, what more can you say. All of them are good but no. 1 si KC
  • josy Nov 05 2011 @ 09:51am Report Abuse
  • Jacqueline Francisco Nov 05 2011 @ 10:22am Report Abuse
    She is the best all around. Very articulate,Intelligent,interesting,well rounded ,charming and beautiful inside and out, She is the best TV Host ...a people person.
  • Krizia Nov 05 2011 @ 10:57am Report Abuse
    KC is the best. She is always give good opinion in the Buzz. She can handle the kids in SCQ kids edition and so articulate and no pretentions in Simply KC.
  • ghee26 Nov 05 2011 @ 12:06pm Report Abuse
    go 4 jen..
  • Maizy Nov 05 2011 @ 12:20pm Report Abuse
    di naman makikita yun sa boto....pagharapharapin na nalang. tingnan kung sino.... sino pa da best na host Di Si Kris at Toni G. ............wla naman binatbat si na KC at Jennylyn sa kanila... Kris and Toni are deserved...!
  • janzcanillo Nov 05 2011 @ 01:35pm Report Abuse
    magaling si toni
  • rejean Nov 05 2011 @ 03:02pm Report Abuse
    toni g. d best
  • almirz_15 Nov 05 2011 @ 03:05pm Report Abuse
    im pretty sure that the gonzaga sisters will win...ang galing nilang host...mabilis sila magsalita pero clear lahat ng words at yung hinahaluan nila ng mga funny moments...kasi kapag serious na lahat nakaka boring...which importante sa paghohost...kaya guyz, VOTE WISELY! hahaha.. :D
  • almirz_15 Nov 05 2011 @ 03:07pm Report Abuse
    im pretty sure that the gonzaga sisters will win...ang galing nilang host...mabilis sila magsalita pero clear lahat ng words at yung hinahaluan nila ng mga funny moments...kasi kapag serious na lahat nakaka boring...which importante sa paghohost...kaya guyz, VOTE WISELY! hahaha.. :D
  • Nur-aina layling Nov 05 2011 @ 03:23pm Report Abuse
    i love Toni G. she is so smart,ang galing nia super!
  • melin Nov 05 2011 @ 03:27pm Report Abuse
    Theres no doubt that Toni Gonzaga is one of the best and trusted host in this generation,,,,, kaya nga halos lahat ng klase ng hosting nagagawa nia,,, just like noon time, reality, and talk show.... san kapa eh di dito na sa complete walang iba kundi si Toni G. .... love you Toni
  • fretzy Nov 05 2011 @ 03:29pm Report Abuse
    tony na akoh....... magaling pah
    sikat nah.......ggoogogoogoogo
    tonyyyyyy............ gogogogogogo
  • Je-Ann T. Nov 05 2011 @ 03:31pm Report Abuse
    vote for Toni G. The best host of the era!...........
  • iamgian Nov 05 2011 @ 03:32pm Report Abuse
    kilabutan nmn bumoboto ky jennylyn ;)

    toni is the best
  • virginia toledo Nov 05 2011 @ 03:52pm Report Abuse
    I find it hard to have friends in just one click, but i found new friends and old friends here in Tweeter.
  • barry Nov 05 2011 @ 04:01pm Report Abuse
    my all time favorite...Best Talk Show Host Miss Kris Aquino...is the best...no doubt it...
  • badada Nov 05 2011 @ 04:06pm Report Abuse
    mas magaling c TONI ko . period
  • april_yhiella Nov 05 2011 @ 04:34pm Report Abuse
    masyado kzng nakakampante ung ibang fans na ung Idol nila ang mangunguna kahit di sila bumoto,,,kya ayan ang Idol q dn n c Jennylyn ang nanguna,,haha,,,at ok lang dn khit no.3 lang c Toni G.na super like q,,atleast nmn,,
  • aileen_18 Nov 05 2011 @ 05:38pm Report Abuse
    an'yareh kay Jennylyn Mercado????!!! unbelievable!!!
  • Cyril Tagulao Nov 05 2011 @ 05:42pm Report Abuse
    This activities that you have done makes me busy!!!!...hahaha!!! it's FUN.
  • ghee26 Nov 05 2011 @ 06:17pm Report Abuse
    todo nah to..khit anu sbhin nla jen p rin..bkit bah???boto nyu nlng yung gusto nyu...
  • gnda q Nov 05 2011 @ 06:25pm Report Abuse
    baket nman kelangang kilabutan ang bumoboto kay Jen huh!!! ee s magaling sya pra samen.. sori n lng s Toni mo!!!
  • gnda q Nov 05 2011 @ 06:27pm Report Abuse
    Jen is d best!!! hahaha!!! prettylicious pa;)
  • leanne irish Nov 05 2011 @ 07:24pm Report Abuse
    guyz ! wait lang ah ! Im sorry..Im a Toni Gonzaga Fan..napansin ko lang po bakit ang dami ng votes kay Jen. E kunti lang po siya kagabi nung nag vote ako.. At yung kay TONI GONZAGA po ay madami na..sobrang dami na..Guyz ! Hindi naman sa minaliliit ko si Jennilyn.Pero nakaka disappoint kasi fan din ako. I know the feeling na nag effort ka sa isang bagay tapos babawasan lang nila yung vote ni TONI G. Guyz ! walang dayaan..Ok ! :) Kasi alam ko bawal akong mainis about sa nangyari because isa lang itong award para sa mga Idols natin. Kelangan maging sports minded.. pero sa nakikita ko bakit dayaan na yung nangyayari dito. Guyz ! Hindi lang kayu ang fan sa mundo..Madami kami..so please ! nakakadisappoint na may nagnanakaw ng votes kay TONI GONZAGA dahil sobrang dami na tlaga yung kay TONI G. Tapos kunti nalang..
  • hotnessia Nov 05 2011 @ 07:40pm Report Abuse
    Jennylyn M...means lang mas ngvote na kase fans ni jen,,wala pa kse nung una..hehe
  • rejean Nov 05 2011 @ 08:10pm Report Abuse
    to leanne irish..i'm also toni g's fan..pwede bang manakaw ang mga votes?? kakainis naman..nag-effort kami mga toni g. fans..tapos nanakawin lang pala..huhu
  • JEN Nov 05 2011 @ 08:43pm Report Abuse
    actually, we jennylyn's fans todo effort din sa pagvote ng poll, kaya wag pagtakhan bakit tumaas ang votes niya. Ang percentage lang ang bumababa nyan pero ang votes niyo hindi nakukunan...kaya di yan nananakaw.
  • JOON Nov 05 2011 @ 08:48pm Report Abuse
    YEAH..paano naman nanakawin ang votes kung percntage lng nbbwasan??basta ako vote lang sa gusto kong si JENNYLYN..ano magagawa if madami na din boto nya..matuto lang dn cgrong wag magmaliit ng kapwa..=))kung todo EFFORT ang ibang FANs,kame don syempre..=))
  • Celeste Larracas Nov 05 2011 @ 10:32pm Report Abuse
    Why is Toni Gonzaga's "security code" always hardest to read?
  • nickzzz Nov 05 2011 @ 11:14pm Report Abuse
    go jennylians!!! power vote for jen!

    Jen is getting good reviews with her hosting not only from fans but also from colleagues and reporters alike. Jen is a natural host which means she has a talent that simply needs improvement and more exposure. Given more time and experience, she will be as good if not better with those award winning hosts. Ibig sabihin, nauna lang sila that's why they are better now. Have u seen them hosting when they first started?

    Some fans may find it difficult to comprehend, this is a popularity poll so the celebrity with more dedicated fans win. Also, check the total votes not percentage so you guys will not appear st*p*d :)
  • MariahLudie Nov 05 2011 @ 11:26pm Report Abuse
    sa mga nagtatanong bakit mas maraming votes si Jen. Simply lang yan, mas madaming bomoboto sa kanya. Tungkol sa nawawalang votes, total number of votes po tingnan nyo, hindi percentage. Simpleng math principle lang yan, percentage calculation depends sa total sum. Pag ayaw nyo maniwala, pakigamit na lang calculator. Matatalino kasi fans ni Jen kaya naintindihan namin yang simpleng calculation.
  • sexyi4u Nov 06 2011 @ 01:05am Report Abuse
    kaung mga fans ni toni dada kau ng dada eh kung bumoboto na lang kau baka tumaas pa boto ng idol nio noh.. ngawa kc ng ngawa eh.. pki nio ba kung c jen binoboto namin.. go.. go. vote for jen!
  • craat Nov 06 2011 @ 08:29am Report Abuse
    Why the hell is Jennlyn Mercado winning? She can't host to save her life! Some people are CHEATING!!
  • Glaiza Nov 06 2011 @ 09:52am Report Abuse
    i love jennylyn mercado
  • Annette Pareño Nov 06 2011 @ 10:38am Report Abuse
    para sa akin si Kris Aquino ang best female tv show hosts..
  • clarky Nov 06 2011 @ 12:52pm Report Abuse
    i love ms. jen.. ou fav. ko si ms toni g. at ms. kris pero ang lakas tlaga ng dating ni jen sa akin khit di pa sya gnun kagaling lakas ng karisma nya pag pinapanuod ko siya pag host.. hihih love u ms. toni g at ms.kris pero i go for ms. jen.. ^_^
  • aprille :) Nov 06 2011 @ 12:54pm Report Abuse
    deserve naman ni shalani ee :) tska sha ung pinaka maganda :)
  • tsehh.. Nov 06 2011 @ 01:56pm Report Abuse
    Tony? Bka nmn Toni :D
    anyway,sana iboto na lang gusto,hwg ng mang-api ng iba..knya-knya ng likes yan..at pno nging dyaan,pag-aari b ng nkllmang ang site? eh di kpag nklmang ang fave nyo,meaning NANDAYA kyo? ahaha,kaloka!
  • niliuj Nov 06 2011 @ 02:10pm Report Abuse
    host lang bah? TONI G. na... hahanap ka pa ba ng iba??? duh!!! hahaha!
  • ghee26 Nov 06 2011 @ 05:31pm Report Abuse
    hay nku.. bkt kau lng bah ang bumobuto na mga fanss???vote nlng kau ng vote sa idol nyu...kmi vote dn kmi ng vote s idol nmin..ganyan lng labanan d2..go jen...
  • Erica Jen Nov 06 2011 @ 07:35pm Report Abuse
  • EOW Nov 06 2011 @ 08:18pm Report Abuse
    ang mga fans kasi ni toni g. ay mga busy people...if not students,. they are professional workers..kaya wala kaming masyadong panahon sa mga poll na yan...
    kasi kami.. like toni...we are high achievers....d gaya ng iba jan..computer lang ang inaatupag..ehh kung nagsisikap kau para naman lumago yang buhay nyo!!
  • kaycee ann balingasa Nov 06 2011 @ 08:29pm Report Abuse
    i vote for jennylyn mercado ..i love her..!!!:)))
  • kaycee ann guiab balingasa Nov 06 2011 @ 09:29pm Report Abuse
    go jennylyn mercado..!!!
  • rejean Nov 06 2011 @ 10:07pm Report Abuse
    kung tutuusin c TONI ang pinakamagaling..kya nga ang daming nag-offer..di ba?..maraming shows c toni .mapa-daytime o nightime mn..
  • leslie mendreje Nov 06 2011 @ 10:38pm Report Abuse
    i love gonzaga sisters and anne curtis,..yepyep
  • fav Nov 07 2011 @ 12:03am Report Abuse
    i vote 4 Ms.Toni G.
    WE LOVE TONI...................................GONZAGA..........................
  • sharmaine :) Nov 07 2011 @ 09:00am Report Abuse
    BSta sa pgiging h0St C T0ni g0nZaga na ang THE best !!:) G0 G0 G0 TOni G> All T0ur Fans Support u FOrever :) ..
  • sharmaine_toni Nov 07 2011 @ 09:19am Report Abuse
    go.go.go toni g. i support 4 u all ur fans .. forever .. :)
  • rejean Nov 07 2011 @ 09:32am Report Abuse
    TONI G. wala ng iba ..she's the best
  • PRETTYLICIOUSZ Nov 07 2011 @ 09:39am Report Abuse
    TONI GONZAGA is the best among the rest
  • igorota Nov 07 2011 @ 10:18am Report Abuse
    The best is jennylyn !
  • who knows Nov 07 2011 @ 01:35pm Report Abuse
    someone is insulting na ang fans ng iba ay walang ibang inaatupag. and who are u to say that ? are u sure na kau lang ang may professional workers at students na fans? oh common be sportsminded don't get ur comment into that point. and how can u develop ur life if ur acting damn like that insulting other fans by what level they have.
  • Guest ako Nov 07 2011 @ 02:04pm Report Abuse
    jennylyn .. super fresh!
  • gloan im Nov 07 2011 @ 04:31pm Report Abuse
    go toni gonzaga
  • Guest20 Nov 07 2011 @ 08:17pm Report Abuse
    Okz lng yan mga TOL!!!! XD
    cnu ba napapangaralan ng best tv host?
    U can see it naman dba?? so no need to worry..
    Poll lng naman to eh....
    just a survey... when you say survey part lang sa isang population kinukuha.. so hindi lahat dto nakakavote.. dba?
    malay mo.. baka kung census na,,.. si idol ung mananalo.. lolz! *peace men! ;D
  • grelen Nov 07 2011 @ 09:00pm Report Abuse
    GO! GO! GO!...Ms. Jennylyn Mercado...
  • Leanne Irish Nov 07 2011 @ 09:02pm Report Abuse
    Sa Jen Fans.. Gusto ko pong mag sorry sa inyo.. I know Guyz,na maraming nasaktan sa inyo..I admit kung nagalit kayo sa akin...Let's spread the LOVE,PEACE AND HAPPINESS..Basta ang importante Keep on voting and support our Idol.. Wala naman akong BAD INTENTION to hurt all of you Guyz ! Hindi ko naman po alam na kusa po talagang bumababa yung percentage ng votes dito..Im just asking na bakit nabawasan lang yung sa amin...Basta guyz PEACE na and BE HAPPY.. :) PEACE NA JEN FANS !! IM SORRY....KEEP ON VOTING NALANG..I know na may Failures din ako...I admit naman po...THANK YOU GUYZ !
  • grelen Nov 07 2011 @ 09:19pm Report Abuse
    i like toni g and her sister, solenn, pia g, ann c...but i LOVE ms. jennylyn...

    walang pakialamanan,,vote qng gus2 nung magvote
    post qng gus2 nung mag post 4 ur idol..pero d nu klangan manira ng iba...bitter b? then better accept it 2 urself...
  • EpalJennylyn Nov 07 2011 @ 09:21pm Report Abuse
    Nako guys yaan nyo na yang mga makikitid ang utak na fans ni Jennylyn. Alam naman nating mas Maganda, Matalino, Magaling mag Host ang idol natin. At hindi lang yun. Di pa sya BORING MAG HOST. Di tulad ng idol nila, makita mo palang magsalita parang ayaw mo nang manuod. Yaan nyo na yan FIRST TIME MAGKA.AWARD eh.!
  • grelen Nov 07 2011 @ 09:22pm Report Abuse
    para s nagsabing walng inaatupag ung iba kundi computer,,,ask urself first qng tama ung sinasabi mo...kaw yata ang di prof. eh....THINK BEFORE U CLICK THE "POST COMMENT" BUTTON!!!
  • jetlag Nov 07 2011 @ 09:41pm Report Abuse
    ang panget ng poll na to... panu mu malalaman na marami pala ang votes ng isa.. i pwede palang i refresh to.. so ibig sabihin one fan can have thousands or millions of votes,... dahil pupuytan talaga to para manalo bet nila... ewan ko...

    saan ang best of the best jan? eh... thousand clicks naman pala ng isang fan lang yan... hush! kaaksaya ng panahon,.. tsk!
  • Jetlag Nov 07 2011 @ 09:52pm Report Abuse
    may point nga ung isang nag comment jan.. eto lng talaga magagawa ng mga taong walang magawa kundi net lng ng net.. hihi kaya nakakarami ng votes...
  • mariahludie Nov 07 2011 @ 11:11pm Report Abuse
    hwag nyo maliitin fans ng ibang celebrity kasi wala kayong basis ..di nyo alam kung ilan students, professional workers at executives among celeb ..vote lang sa gusto nyo

    i am impressed with leane, fan ni toni, kasi she knows to accept she was wrong and apologized for it ..peace peepz!

    just vote for your bet ..go go Jennylyn!!!
  • GreatJenFans Nov 07 2011 @ 11:34pm Report Abuse
    to those person na walang ibang inatupag para maliitin ang idolo ng iba,will u please quiet na lng kase.honestly hindi naman masama kung manguna sa voting ang isang tao kase merong mga taong nagpo proof na deserving din si jen even if she is the newets tv host please give her a chance, lahat sila magagaling, may pagkakaiba iba man pero dapat sana maging sports tau sa anumang labanan.we know naman na si toni talaga deserving na for the hosting awards pero kailangan din nating tanggapin na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon siya ang parating magma may-ari ng korona para sa title na yan..sana po magets nyo, tsaka sabi nyo mga professionals na kau at sabi nyo rin puro net ang inaatupag ng jenfans nagkakamali po kau kase sa laban kailangan nating maging patas at huwag manghusga kaagad ipakita nyo na may pinag-aralan kau salamat sa inyong lahat,!
  • Shane Nov 08 2011 @ 12:54am Report Abuse
    ala! Bkit ganon vinote ko na si toniGonzaga sya ung pinakamataas nung nag vote ako ulit bkit mataas na c jennylyn ag daya nman
  • NICO Nov 08 2011 @ 01:15am Report Abuse
    LOL grabe makapagbitter ang iba at Jennylyn fans pa daw ang makikitid ang utak.Matuto lang sana kase tumanggap ng pagkataLo,dming excuses at sinsabe pag natataLo na..hehehe Vote Jennylyn guys..akala mo mga sino d naman sguro mananalo nOON yan sa reality show if wlang fans n ngVOTE noon..hahahaha!
  • melanie Nov 08 2011 @ 11:18am Report Abuse
    go jenilyn m. i vote 4 you..ang gling gling m tlga mg host at ang gnda at sexy p san k p ...
  • BADAI Nov 08 2011 @ 01:54pm Report Abuse
    GUYZ kung talo man ang idol nyooo just accept it ok kung gusto nyo talaga syang manalo, edi e boto nyo hanggang sa magawit yung mga kamay nyo WALANG BITTERNESS,,,,

    walang daya dito>>>PAUTAKAN LANG SA PAG VOTE...kaya maka-JEN VOTE LANG NG VOTE JENNYLYN rules :D:D:D:D:
  • @ghee26 Nov 08 2011 @ 03:52pm Report Abuse
    nku babaw nman na dhilan un..profesional daw,,,,eh c jen ang mgaling pra sa amin eh khit p c oprah ang itapat nyu jan cxa p rin ang pipiliin nmin..gnun lng un..wlng dming sat2x..peace...
  • kaycee Nov 08 2011 @ 09:33pm Report Abuse
    go jennylyn mercado..
  • mariahhhh Nov 08 2011 @ 10:27pm Report Abuse
    Matuto kasi tumanggap ng pagkatalo ..ano magagawa nyo kung mas madaming dedicated fans si Jen na masipag bomoto. Kung gusto nyo manalo idol nyo, magpakahirap din kayo bomoto, ganyan lang yan kasimple. Go Jennylynians!!!
  • eLeOnOr peJanO Nov 09 2011 @ 09:37pm Report Abuse
    They're all good though in different ways!
    But I'm voting for Miss Iza Calzado... :)
  • HEY Nov 09 2011 @ 09:38pm Report Abuse
  • SanctuaryMan Nov 09 2011 @ 09:54pm Report Abuse
    kailangan pa bang ituloy to!!! hahaha, alam naman natin panalo!!! JENNYLYN MERCADO NO.1
  • RAGEAL Nov 09 2011 @ 09:56pm Report Abuse
    OK.. 2 HUH..



  • SanctuaryMan Nov 09 2011 @ 09:56pm Report Abuse
  • katzpiaolang Nov 09 2011 @ 10:18pm Report Abuse
    Go jen!winner!ganda mu kc talented pa!
  • mariahhh Nov 10 2011 @ 12:06am Report Abuse
    Guys bantayan natin vote ni Jennylyn Mercado. Huwag tayo kampante at bumababa na ulit voting percentage ni Jen. Dalawin natin ang voting site everyday and make sure na huwag bumaba sa 65% voting percentage ni Jen. May 21 days pa para humabol kalaban kaya lakihan ba agwat. Gawing 99.99% para di na makahabol hehe
  • grace Nov 10 2011 @ 11:24am Report Abuse
    jennylyn mercado is d best..perfect..
  • kathe Nov 10 2011 @ 06:50pm Report Abuse
    i go for toni gonzaga, bianca gonzalez, pia guanio, and jennelyn mercado...
  • kaycee ann balingasa Nov 10 2011 @ 08:13pm Report Abuse
    ilove u jennylyn mercado.. muaahhhh;-*
  • hotJen Nov 10 2011 @ 10:26pm Report Abuse
    VOTE JEN guys...todo na toh..hehehe
  • airham Nov 11 2011 @ 05:13pm Report Abuse
    go jen ur the best!!!!
  • christie ann coronel Nov 11 2011 @ 06:43pm Report Abuse
    i.. choozze ate,jenny
    not be cause ate.jen is pretty,
    i chooce her kasi mahal ko cxa same like my mom
    hnd lang idol ko cxa ..
    na kahit sa dinami daming trails na dumating sa buhay ni ate.jenny ... kinakaya , thatswhy i vote her... love u ate.jenny and take good care of ur health.. muuah!
  • jhayvee15 Nov 11 2011 @ 07:23pm Report Abuse
    mariel @ jennilyn
  • everlyn cabangis Nov 13 2011 @ 11:45am Report Abuse
    shalani soledad is the best tv host 4 me ! :)
  • lady ann ocampo Nov 13 2011 @ 11:48am Report Abuse
    jennylyn mercado is the best ! ;)
  • Erma Bonina Nov 15 2011 @ 06:30pm Report Abuse
    Jennylyn ako baguhan man sya sa pagho hosting pero gumagaling narin sya everyday diba? kung ung iba nakakasawa na pero sya hndi ka magsasawa kahit everday kang manood at seksi at maganda pa hindi nakakasawang panoorin. agree? hehehe! go go Jennylynians at Luisjens!.
  • marilyn Nov 15 2011 @ 06:50pm Report Abuse
    si Toni ang d best na host .
  • marilyn Nov 15 2011 @ 06:51pm Report Abuse
    Toni is the best host !!!
  • lovehatemanila Nov 18 2011 @ 01:33pm Report Abuse
    Kris A. :)
  • prima Nov 18 2011 @ 01:37pm Report Abuse
    @kris...i really loved what u r doing...im happy when u talk,evry words that comes out from ur mouth r music for my ears and heart...i love u kris...muahhh
  • joy cruz Nov 18 2011 @ 02:20pm Report Abuse
    Kris Aquino can handle any hosting job!
  • Leah Montesa Nov 18 2011 @ 06:04pm Report Abuse
    googogogo ms. kris!
  • mariahhhh Nov 23 2011 @ 03:20am Report Abuse
    go go go Jen!

    bago ka pa lang na host pero napapansin na agad at daming papuri. you will go places in your hosting job :)
  • mich Dec 01 2011 @ 06:10pm Report Abuse
    good job
  • ainah Dec 17 2011 @ 10:27am Report Abuse
  • niche Feb 24 2012 @ 06:51pm Report Abuse
    IDOL ko talaga cTONI!!!
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