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Belle Yambao, Contributor
August 12, 2011

10 Things We Love about Marian Rivera

As this star turns 27, Female Network lists the traits that make her special, from her honesty to her independence. By Belle Yambao
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Marian Rivera's name might constantly be embroiled in controversy, but no matter what hardships come her way, this actress always comes out on top. Her epicserye, Amaya, continues to have high ratings, and her relationship with Dingdong Dantes is still going strong.

Today, as Marian celebrates her 27th birthday, Female Network lists 10 things we admire about her. Any things you want to add, FNites? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

(All photos courtesy of PEP.ph)
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  • DJW Aug 12 2011 @ 10:03am Report Abuse
    THESE and a whole lot more. Thanks FN for a great birthday feature.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • myhope Aug 12 2011 @ 10:26am Report Abuse
    11. she loves her family!

    happy birthday marian!!!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • stephanie Aug 12 2011 @ 10:52am Report Abuse
    Happy B-day to the one and only Marimar of Phillippine TV. Bonne Fete.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Mpllfdy Aug 12 2011 @ 11:00am Report Abuse
    Marian is telented, gorgeous, very down to earth and god fearing person. that's why she is love and admire by soo many many people around the world.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • zacdy Aug 12 2011 @ 11:03am Report Abuse
    happy birthday :)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • lisa Aug 12 2011 @ 11:09am Report Abuse
    she's so kalog and down to earth
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Shine Aug 12 2011 @ 11:12am Report Abuse
    12. Hindi mahilig gumimik, ang tanging bisyo lang ay mg visit sa iba-ibang simbahan. Finds time for her family, kikay, joker, totoong tao. hay naku, ang dami pang admirable traits si marian.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • be08 Aug 12 2011 @ 11:15am Report Abuse
    Happy Birthday Marian:)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Mpllfdy Aug 12 2011 @ 11:16am Report Abuse
    Last modified A long time ago
  • alma rondilla Aug 12 2011 @ 11:19am Report Abuse
    In Phoilippine entertainment, you can never spell beautiful and successful correctly without these letters M-A-R-I-A-N R-I-V-E-R-A. She's unique, she's one in a million. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PRIMETIME QUEEN MARIAN RIVERA.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • anna Aug 12 2011 @ 11:21am Report Abuse
    she makes me laugh, ponder, chill. she's great! happy birthday, marian! bless you!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • noreengale santos Aug 12 2011 @ 12:54pm Report Abuse
    happy happy bday marian. i love her because she's transparent and she speaks her mind. very family oriented and most fo all walang kabisyo bisyo, di magimik at very homebuddy. stay happy marian and never mind the inggits:)
    Last modified A long time ago
  • sweetan Aug 12 2011 @ 12:57pm Report Abuse
    very well said.....happy birthday Marian...God Bless! More birthdays and blessings to come!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • yssay Aug 12 2011 @ 02:12pm Report Abuse
    Marian never forget to go to the church no matter how busy she is.

    Happy happy birthday the the MOST BEAUTIFUL LADY MS. MARIAN... We pray for your continuous sucessess in your career and in your private life as well. WE also pray taht you will stay healthy always. Love Love Love!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • chrisseya Aug 12 2011 @ 03:31pm Report Abuse
    Happy Birthday Marian! I sooo love Marian for being real and feisty!!!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • dana Aug 12 2011 @ 04:33pm Report Abuse
    she's lovely, funny, witty and true to herself. got to pretensions whatsoever. often misunderstood just because she speaks her mind.

    happy birthday Marian!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • judith Aug 12 2011 @ 07:23pm Report Abuse
    i love Marian coz she's bold, speaks of

    her mind, i find her sincere once she

    speaks, smile. she's a loving apo and

    daughter. i wish her good health and more projects, endorsements and an award in the years to come.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • champang Aug 12 2011 @ 07:27pm Report Abuse
    great article thanks!
    Last modified A long time ago
  • ampalaya Aug 13 2011 @ 02:17am Report Abuse
    Happy birthday to the only queen of Philippine entrtainment industry. She is very beautiful inside and out, very malambing, very thoughtful, love her family, generous, down to earth, her smile makes the world go round and lastly, her whole personality.,
    Last modified A long time ago
  • awi Aug 13 2011 @ 09:30am Report Abuse
    Marian is simply just Marian, walang pretentions, walang arte, pero malambing at mapagkumbaba - my prayer for her eh ang makatagpo niya ang lalaking nababagay sa kanyang natural na pag-uugali (not that I have anything against DD - siyempre lalo pa't kita ko naman na mahal siya ni Yan, basta ang alam ko Marian is simply an ideal woman any deserving man must marry, kung di sila ni Dingdong ang magkatuluyan, di kawalan ni Marian....
    Last modified A long time ago
  • AILM Aug 13 2011 @ 01:34pm Report Abuse
    Happy Birthday Marian. Go Caviteña
    Last modified A long time ago
  • chumagno Aug 13 2011 @ 05:56pm Report Abuse
    12. Like what other fans said about MARIAN, she is a beautiful person INSIDE and OUT with SUPER KIND HEART..Keep it up girl.. Like ni GOD ang attitude na ganyan bcoz you showed LOVE to all your friends esp. to those in need.. GOD is LOVE at yan ay nsa puso mo na

    .. Love you MARIAN..
    Last modified A long time ago
  • hannarose11 Aug 15 2011 @ 05:26am Report Abuse
    i still ont like her. d excuse ung pagiging prangka or honest sa kabastusan o kawalan ng modo o pagiging suspetyoso sa kapwa. at saka, last i heard, bumababa na ang rating ng "Amaya" kaya nagda-damage control ang GMA. Kya scraping the bottom of the pot na sila ng mga 'cute" articles like these.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • james Aug 15 2011 @ 03:25pm Report Abuse
    happy birthday to prime time Queen...

    dami commercials ng amaya pero we still watch it everyday.. Congrats!

    Last modified A long time ago
  • MARIAN CLARISSE ZOBEL Aug 18 2011 @ 08:16pm Report Abuse
    MARIAN is simply natural and sincere. A true and honest person, domesticated, a wife material, love children so much, a devoted daughter, apo, and girlfriend, fun loving, friendly, and an ideal girlfriend.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • Dianne Aug 20 2011 @ 08:42am Report Abuse
    What I like about her, she's not maarte and pretentious like other pinays.
    Last modified A long time ago
  • adeq Sep 08 2011 @ 09:11pm Report Abuse
    ligtas na matugunan .. asa ka magtagumpay sa iyong karera at ang iyong buhay .. laging indahkan mukha na may isang ngiti at sa sarili umaaliw pagpapalagayang-loob ay maaaring magbigay ng isang mahalagang kahulugan sa iyong araw-araw na buhay .. kahit na kami ay iba't-ibang lahi ko nadama napakasaya kung kami ay nakalaan para maging isang kaibigan o mga kaibigan .. marahil ito ay imposible ngunit hindi bababa sa maaari kong maging isang tagahanga ng mga tauhan ay lubos na mabuti para sa akin ..
    Last modified A long time ago
  • mario Sep 20 2011 @ 10:12pm Report Abuse
    so maarte..LAOS agad
    Last modified A long time ago
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