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Belle Yambao


Contributor, Female Network

Belle Yambao is Female Network's resident staff writer. Her first love has always been journalism, and she was an intern for current-affairs magazine Newsbreak in her third year in college. Having been trained for the more serious side of journalism, she expected to work for a newspaper after graduating. Instead, she found herself switching gears and entering the world of magazine publishing.

Before joining the Female Network team, she was the editorial assistant for luxury magazine Town&Country Philippines. After making the switch to digital, Belle started writing more lifestyle articles centered on travel, celebrities, TV, and movies.

02 OCT 16
BY Belle Yambao Heal your broken heart with these cute rom-coms and moving tearjerkers.
17 SEP 16
BY Belle Yambao These tips will help you grow your retirement funds and live comfortably.
26 JUL 16
BY Belle Yambao Nosy officemate getting you down? Here's what you can do.
04 JAN 16
BY Belle Yambao Learn how to fatten your pockets steadily with these concrete steps.
29 JUN 15
05 MAY 15
BY Belle Yambao Here's where you should go when you visit the Land of the Morning Calm.
26 APR 14
BY Belle Yambao Make sure to try out these food items when you visit Bora!
10 MAY 13
BY Belle Yambao Find out which mother-daughter film fits the two of you best: New Year's Eve, Brave, Mamma Mia!, or Easy A.
03 MAY 13
BY Belle Yambao Find out if you and your mom could be bosom buddies with Catelyn and Arya, Lorelai and Rory, Claire and Alex, or Lily and Serena!
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