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Kathleen Valle

28 JAN 16
BY Kathleen Valle Time to declutter so you can truly enjoy weekend movie nights at home.
18 JAN 16
BY Kathleen Valle Prettify your home without driving your husband nuts with these easy decorating strategies.
12 JAN 16
BY Kathleen Valle A peek at her closet reveals how the Belo beauty executive likes her things arranged in a neat and very orderly fashion.
30 NOV 15
BY Kathleen Valle These three homes give a very stylish meaning to the words budget friendly.
06 AUG 13
BY Kathleen Valle Having outgrown her childhood bedroom, the 21-year-old is ready for a more sophisticated sanctuary.
14 MAY 13
BY Kathleen Valle A couple lets their hair down in their relaxing (and kiddie-friendly) renovated home, refurbished by yet another couple!
07 MAY 13
BY Kathleen Valle This Real Living Ultimate makeover brings back the lost glory of a formerly fab house, signalling a fresh start for its deserving homeowners.
23 APR 13
BY Kathleen Valle A bleak basement bedroom blossoms into a gorgeous space.
16 APR 13
BY Kathleen Valle A working mom unwraps the most thrilling gift yet!
09 APR 13
BY Kathleen Valle A designer reinvents a drab QC pad into a cool, New York mid-century modern-style hangout.
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