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Ana Santos


Ana is a journalist by education and now, after leaving the corporate world, by profession. She is also a sexual health advocate as a matter of choice and passion.

Ana writes mostly about sexual health issues, women's issues, and when she can, armed conflict and internal violence in Mindanao (though she confesses she'd love to do this more).  

In 2009, Ana founded Sex and, a website that heralds the values of positive sexuality, informed choice, and the importance of loving yourself first.

23 JAN 11
BY Ana Santos What you don't know could be hurting you--FN gives you the savvy on 7 common medical issues in women.
18 DEC 10
BY Ana Santos Shop, dine, and make someone happy this holiday season
09 DEC 10
BY Ana Santos Stuck in a rut? Turn sexytime with your partner from humdrum to hot, hot, hot!
10 NOV 10
BY Ana Santos What makes a sizzling hot relationship go ice-cold? Read up and take the fizzle out of your love life.
04 NOV 10
BY Ana Santos The number of victims of human trafficking run into the millions every year. What can you do to help those in desperate need?
13 AUG 10
BY Ana Santos Female Network, courtesy of, showcases 8 men mature and secure enough to keep their women safe with the love glove.
11 AUG 10
BY Ana Santos FN gives you necessary information about various methods of birth control and contraception.
05 AUG 10
BY Ana Santos Confused by the message ‚€œI‚€™m in a relationship, and it‚€™s complicated‚€Ě? Check out these 10 relationship types, with definitions.
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