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Ana is a journalist by education and now, after leaving the corporate world, by profession. She is also a sexual health advocate as a matter of choice and passion.

Ana writes mostly about sexual health issues, women's issues, and when she can, armed conflict and internal violence in Mindanao (though she confesses she'd love to do this more).  

In 2009, Ana founded Sex and Sensibilities.com, a website that heralds the values of positive sexuality, informed choice, and the importance of loving yourself first.

18 FEB 13
BY Ana Santos Baggage limitations should never prevent you from looking your best whether you're on the road or at 30,000 feet.
10 OCT 12
BY Ana Santos There's just something irrefutably naughty about doing it outside the bedroom.
10 AUG 12
BY Ana Santos Keep your sex life from going from "sizzle" to "fizzle" with these ideas.
04 MAY 12
28 MAR 12
BY Ana Santos So you've thought about initiating sex, but you're just not sure if you should. Here are some tips on taking charge in the bedroom.
14 JAN 12
BY Ana Santos Ana Santos, the author of Happy Even After: A Solo Mom's Journal, shares tips for any mom struggling to cope with a newly solo status.
18 DEC 11
BY Ana Santos One solo parent shares tips on dealing with the holidays--and the cheer and fear that come with the yuletide season.
30 NOV 11
BY Ana Santos Looking to liven up your sex life this Christmas season? We've listed some ideas that will definitely put you on the Naughty list!
28 OCT 11
BY Ana Santos Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. Here are some tips to keep the experience safe, fun, and fabulous.
16 SEP 11
BY Ana Santos FN answers 6 frequently asked questions about this crime, covering topics from its legal definition to victim support and assistance.
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