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Lorela U. Sandoval


Lorela U. Sandoval is a freelance writer who contributes to Entrepreneur Philippines, SmartParenting.com.ph, Female Network, Good Housekeeping Philippines, SecurityMatters Magazine, and Quality Teacher Magazine. She also provides web content and ebook copy on various subjects to freelance clients. 

08 APR 10
BY Lorela U. Sandoval Busy as they are with summer activities, your kids need a healthy source of fuel between meals. Serve them these lip-smacking healthy finger foods are hard to resist.
01 APR 10
BY Lorela U. Sandoval FN shares 7 tips on hydrating your garden without breaking the bank so you don't have to choose between a brown garden and a huge water bill this summer.
31 MAR 10
BY Lorela U. Sandoval It’s summer vacation--the perfect time to teach them something new. Why not teach them to cook? It will help them be more independent later in life.
24 MAR 10
BY Lorela U. Sandoval Children should learn how to keep their heads above water--literally--and what better time for swimming lessons than summer?
18 MAR 10
BY Lorela U. Sandoval Get your kids to practice Lenten abstinence while keeping their appetites up with FN’s meatless meal suggestions from Yummy and Smart Parenting.
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