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Lara Parpan


Growing up, Lara was the last to be picked for a team in games of patintero or agawan base, but that didn’t traumatize her from taking up sports later in life. A gym rat since she was 25, she took up slalom skiing at 29, wakeboarding at 31, running at 37, doing marathons at 41, and triathlons at 42. All these, even as she dances Thursday or Friday nights away. Still on her bucket list—ballroom dancing and kite surfing! 

Lara is the Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health Philippines, the premiere magazine for women who value a healthy lifestyle and strive for balance in all areas of their lives.

Lara and the Women's Health staff write for FN column "You Can Do This!," which features insider information on the latest issues of the magazine, tips, and musings on health, nutrition, exercise, and wellness.

16 OCT 13
BY Lara Parpan Through a healthy diet program and regular exercise, this bank employee turned her life around.
08 JUL 12
BY Lara Parpan, Charmaine Mercado Diabetes is a major lifestyle risk factor. Practical steps can help you avoid becoming a statistic.
02 JUN 12
BY Lara Parpan There's more to this tiny Pacific Island than meets the eye.
24 MAY 12
25 AUG 11
BY Lara Parpan Control your finances and avoid overspending with these simple tips.
17 AUG 11
BY Lara Parpan Give your self-confidence the boost it needs with these tips.
20 MAY 11
BY Lara Parpan Relish the sights and sounds that make Jaipur one of India's most ravishing cities.
16 AUG 10
BY Lara Parpan Lara touts the virtues of exercise--even if you can only manage 10 minutes a day.
02 JUL 10
BY Lara Parpan In the face of tragic and untimely death, Lara serves up the best reason to run, dance, and play--to live life to the fullest.
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