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Liana Smith Bautista was an editor with Female Network from December 2010 until July 2012. She takes pride in being one of the people who have helped to shape the site's voice and content. She has been a creative writer since childhood, and she pursued this interest through high school, college, and beyond.

Her career path has been focused on editing, with the exception of a two-year segue into restaurant management--she had been a freelance writer and copy editor, a manuscript copy editor for a US-based publishing company with a local arm, and a technical content editor for a multinational internet security company prior to taking on the challenge of editing for Female Network.

Although she now helps with the marketing and reservations for her family's beach resort in Moalboal, Cebu, she continues to pursue her interest in writing and editing. She is a freelance editor and writer for FN and contributes to other Summit publications like Men's Health Philippines, Cosmopolitan Philippines, and Good Housekeeping Philippines. She also serves as a municipal liaison for the Philippine region in the National Novel Writing Month challenge, or NaNoWriMo.

23 OCT 16
BY Liana Smith-Bautista A steady job doesn't always bring a lot of joy, and these four Cebuanas found that pursuing their passions and sharing them with others could be just as (if not more) rewarding than their previous day jobs.
27 SEP 16
BY Liana Smith-Bautista There's quite a bit of transitioning involved when you "put a ring on it"!
18 SEP 16
BY Liana Smith-Bautista When the quantity of the time you and your partner spend together is limited, it's important to focus on quality!
01 MAR 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Keep your sense of romance fresh with a few surprises for your number one man.
01 MAR 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Take this quiz to find out what makes you sexy inside and out.
24 FEB 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Looking to optimize your gal pal time? FN has a few ideas that go beyond dinner and chitchat.
24 FEB 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Romantic gestures don't all have to be large-scale public displays of affection--here are 10 tactics for expressing your love for and appreciation of the man in your life.
15 FEB 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Would you rate high on the kink scale? Or do you prefer vanilla sex? Take this quiz to find out.
13 FEB 13
BY Liana Smith-Bautista Looking for some scorching hot books for your bedtime reading--and perhaps a little bedroom inspiration? FN lists nine book series to check out.
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