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Pia Garcia


Features Editor, Female Network

Pia Garcia is the current features editor of Female Network, but she started out working for television. She spent several years working on small cable TV shows before being asked by her boss to interview a then-favorite band. That one article soon had her writing about the music and concerts of foreign and local artists.

A slight detour into mobile telecommunications widened her field of experience, but she never lost her passion for words and stories. In fact, even in that highly technical world, she found time to do what she loves best--writing.

She continues to nurture her love for words by being part of FN's editorial team and by writing short stories in her spare time.

21 APR 12
BY Pia Garcia Physical attributes aren't the only things that make a woman sexy. Here's FN's list of traits that make women truly appealing.
03 MAR 12
BY Pia Garcia Can candid tweets be harmful to your online reputation? Here's a list of things you should never disclose on social media.
02 NOV 11
BY Pia Garcia The acclaimed author talked about his new novel, how he gets over writers block, and why his stories are always tragic at a recent book signing in Manila.
29 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Being aware of the time of day when your brain is most active can help you be more productive.
21 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia The UNICEF Special Advocate for Children sheds light on the alarming conditions affecting children down south.
20 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Research says that consistency, more than intensity, is key to reaping the long-term benefits of exercise.
20 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Research says that children who grow up in a secure and healthy home are more likely to be successful in the workplace.
19 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Using your time on train, bus, or cab productively, such as by listening to motivational speeches or audio books, gives you an early morning boost
05 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Keeping your savings healthy can be even harder if you fall into these traps.
04 SEP 11
BY Pia Garcia Arizza Nocum is the first Filipina to win a Zonta International Young Women in Public Affairs Award.
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