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Charlene J. Owen


Bio: Charlene J. Owen
Growing up with a news editor and a lawyer for grandfathers, Charlene was exposed to writing at a very young age.  Using an old Olympia typewriter, she would make short stories but keep them to herself, not at all thinking that her passion could later on be her career.
She has tried almost every communications-related profession; she has worked as a media relations specialist for GMA Network, as a marketing officer for the Ateneo Center for Continuing Education, and as a senior accounts manager for Tribal DDB.  It took her many career shifts before she eventually realized that she enjoyed writing and designing more than being in the rat-race, and so she went back to her very first job of creating Hallmark cards.
With a stable career that gives her time to do what she likes best, Charlene is now a freelance contributor for Female Network, as well as a writer and application reviewer for MemoKitchen, a local content provider which services international clients.  She also sometimes works with social media communities, and was an organizer of last year’s Twestival Manila.

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