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Patricia Dayacap


Working immediately after college may be unappealing for some.  But for Patricia Dayacap, diving headfirst into the world of publishing as Female Network's editorial assistant a week after graduation is a dream come true. After all, it means doing what she loves the most—writing.

In college, she tried to divert from her passion by taking more advertising and public relations classes than journalism electives. She soon found out that those weren't for her, and that writing was truly the one thing she was most comfortable doing.

When she's not writing about fashion (another interest) and beauty for Female Network, Patricia loves getting lost in others' written works—whether in the form of a novel, a magazine article, or a blog entry.

16 SEP 15
15 JUL 14
14 JUL 14
11 JUL 14
BY Patricia Dayacap Aranaz looks to global markets to inform their Boqueria collection.
09 JUL 14
08 JUL 14
07 JUL 14
BY Patricia Dayacap These watches from Anne Klein add polish to any ensemble.
04 JUL 14
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