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Jennifer Chan

Staff Writer

Jennifer Chan was a contributing writer for Female Network for two years before formally joining the team as a staff writer in July 2012. Despite her passion for writing, the thought of pursuing a career in journalism had not occurred to her until her mother suggested she shift from her hotel management course to one that suited her interests more. From then on, there was no looking back.

Beyond home and office, Jen can most often be found in book stores, where she hunts for new titles to add to her personal library, or settled into a convenient corner, reading her latest acquisitions. While all genres are fair game, she especially loves reading historical fiction and fantasy.

She loves history, travel, and storytelling, and she hopes to one day fulfill her dream of becoming a successful novelist.

12 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan When the kids are away, the parents can come out to play.
10 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan Skip the beer and treat your friends to something with a more sophisticated finish.
09 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan If there's one thing Filipinos know how to do, it's food.
08 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan The bride-to-be speaks to FN about managing priorities.
05 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan Researchers found a possible association between poor sleep and faster brain volume decrease.
04 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan Sometimes, your bangungot is just a reflection of how much value you place on your work.
04 SEP 14
BY Jennifer Chan Everyone will be clamoring for a chance to walk a mile in your shoes!
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