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tip of the day THU 24 JUL 14
Calm your nerves by eating serotonin-rich foods like whole wheat and oats.
  • Good House Keeping
    The July issue is our Makeover Special! Be inspired by the weight-loss successes of The Biggest Loser’s Kayen Lazaro and Osie Nebreja, who entered the reality TV show simply wanting to lose weight but ended up gaining whole new (healthier!) lives.
    Good Housekeeping
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    Jumpstart your best body today with this month’s best foods special. Women’s Health shares over 100 of the best packaged foods for women, sourced from leading supermarkets, specialty stores, and delivery services.
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Jennifer Chan

Staff Writer

Jennifer Chan was a contributing writer for Female Network for two years before formally joining the team as a staff writer in July 2012. Despite her passion for writing, the thought of pursuing a career in journalism had not occurred to her until her mother suggested she shift from her hotel management course to one that suited her interests more. From then on, there was no looking back.

Beyond home and office, Jen can most often be found in book stores, where she hunts for new titles to add to her personal library, or settled into a convenient corner, reading her latest acquisitions. While all genres are fair game, she especially loves reading historical fiction and fantasy.

She loves history, travel, and storytelling, and she hopes to one day fulfill her dream of becoming a successful novelist.

24 JUL 14
BY Jennifer Chan Contrary to popular belief, it won't necessarily make you fat.
22 JUL 14
BY Jennifer Chan Let's just say this is not the time to be adventurous.
18 JUL 14
BY Jennifer Chan A new study shows that changing the way you think may help you lose weight.
17 JUL 14
BY Jennifer Chan Trade your worn out exercise clothes for these fun and colorful pieces!
14 JUL 14
BY Ira Nopuente, Jennifer Chan We discuss the real benefits you get from juicing.
10 JUL 14
BY Jennifer Chan Slowing down to reflect and, okay, maybe panic a little may be good for you.
07 JUL 14
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