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Jasmine T. Cruz

30 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz Don't you miss those days when your biggest problem was the next long test?
23 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz Motherhood is a challenging thing. What advice can you give to other moms--especially new ones?
22 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz If your coping mechanism had a theme song, what would it be? Take this quiz to find out!
18 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz FN's editorial assistant, Jasmine, shares how having clear character pegs helps her become a better person.
16 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz We're sure you did something sweet for your mom to celebrate Mother's Day. Or maybe your kids did something to honor you. FN wants to know all about it!
13 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz We asked you to describe your mom in one word--and we learned how strong, heroic, and amazing in so many ways our readers' moms are!
11 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago says it's time for the government to take a more active role when it comes to educating the youth about the health risks of unprotected oral sex.
11 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz The pint-sized Filipino-Mexican singer survive another round of eliminations, earning her a spot in the finals.
10 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz During her press conference for her upcoming birthday concert, Sarah shared her thoughts about her life.
09 MAY 12
BY Jasmine T. Cruz The former backup singer from Team Blake beat out Juliet Simms, Tony Lucca, and Chris Mann to win a recording contract and a cash prize.
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