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10-Year Philippine Passport Validity Approved by Senate

Only those under 18 years old will be issued passports valid for five years.

Couple Shot Dead in a Parked Car in Quezon City

Police are still trying to find out the motive for the double murder.

Women Have Been Disappearing And Turning Up Dead In Zamboanga

Maria Clariz Faylona's murder is linked to five other young women who were found dead.

Meteor Garden Is Getting A Reboot

This was announced by the show's creator, Angie Chai.

Pinoy Arrested in Singapore for Taking Upskirt Videos of Women

Jan Benedict Mendoza Fuellas, an engineer, has been sentenced to four months in jail.

This Pinay Punched A Fellow Bus Passenger For Groping Her

'If anything like this happens to you, draw all the courage you got to shout and fight back.'

A Man Who Targets and Scams Working Single Moms Online Was Arrested

Thanks to women he scammed reaching out to one another on social media!

People Are Arguing About Wonder Woman's Armpits

Let's just say that some people have too much time on their hands.
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