Looking for a life makeover? Grab an issue of the January-February 2016 issue of Good Housekeeping Philippines for tips on how to eat well, become physically and financially fit, and take chances on love again, beginning with the cover story of Heart Evangelista.

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10 FEB 16
10 FEB 16
Find out what type of outfit you'll be most confident in!
10 FEB 16
A well-made work bag is absolutely essential!
10 FEB 16
Give your chicken fingers an extra helping of love with the flavor of cinnamon.
10 FEB 16
Say goodbye to instant noodles and pricey takeout!
10 FEB 16
Here's how you can develop kindness and compassion towards someone you don't like.
10 FEB 16
"Our story was a mere encounter and not a ground for expectations I should hold on to."
09 FEB 16
A pet is for life. Gauge if you're ready for the responsibility of homing one.
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